hello!! I started this blog in 2016 – believe it or not it was one of the items on my “bucket list”. At the time, I was a Mama to one sweet baby girl, Olive, who was 15 months old. (For context that will add hilarity later, this was also a time in my life when I believed it was vitally important that I make fresh baby food purees)  I mostly documented the recipes I cooked for myself and my partner, Kevin, who was always so gracious to try out new meals with me! I found many recipes on Pinterest and modified them to fit my particular tastes or nutritional needs. Kevin and I would try the recipes multiple times and test the best flavors and cooking times. Hours of memories were made in the kitchen, and we loooooooved our crock pot!

we had no idea what we were doing

I also had grand visions of insightful writing about life, the universe, and everything – hence the wonderfully esoteric domain name http://www.ephemeralodyssey.com, which I so lovingly pay $18 every December to preserve.

still no idea x6

Fast forward to 2022 – a lot has changed!!! We are now parents to 6 wonderful kiddos, Olive, Evey, Thorin, Avery, Blaze, and Leo! For better or worse, updating my blog fell by the wayside as we navigated life as a family of 8. Truth be told, so has cooking and experimenting with recipes. Also my overall hygiene and cleanliness standards. While we make it a priority to provide the children with healthy, balanced nutrition and teach them about food and movement, making recipes and cooking sit-down meals has not been a huge part of our parenting repertoire.

I had the urge to delete this blog until I realized that, at one time, having this blog was a DREAM and a lifetime goal! Surely there was a way to repurpose and revitalize it for my family now, while still preserving the classic content to look back on and enjoy.

So, I present to you: who will eat this? A recipe blog for busy parents by a mama with a range of kid tastes from “I’ll try anything once” to “I don’t like this brown part of the bread”  and “the smell of rice is disgusting, can I eat in the living room?”  Here, I will document my attempts to cook for my family and answer the ultimate question of modern parenting: who will eat this?!

*note* I am leaving the “classic recipes” as is – including the precious/dorky commentary. It’s all part of the nostalgia! I do plan to revisit them and make new posts, including KID RATINGS AND REVIEWS!

My hope is to share practical food ideas with a heaping side humor – because when it comes to feeding a family, you have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying.



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