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Home: Couch Upcycle – Gamechanger! 

img_4253My couch has been a sources of massive stress in my life for years. Yes, my couch – really!

The first couch I ever had was microfiber. After seeing how it attracted animal hair, I swore I would never have microfiber again! For my first ever full living room set, I chose a leather blend instead over microfiber.

Oh my.

My two cats are not declawed. I do not personally believe in this practice. Cats scratch naturally in the wild – it has physical and psychological benefits. Domesticated kitties have to get this instinct out somehow. Unfortunately, this is often at the mercy of our suburban comforts – curtains, chairs, clothes, rugs – you name it, they’ll scratch it. 30 seconds with a cat and furniture can be irreparably damaged. My kitties love to scratch the furniture. I bought vertical scratching posts, with no effect. Pets – 1, Couch – 0.

My three dogs are very well behaved. They don’t chew or destroy anything, ever! However, they do lay on the furniture, jump on it, and occasionally scratch and burrow at it. Pets -2, Couch – 0.

So, four years ago, my new furniture began to be worn down by the animals. And by “worn down” I mean destroyed. Leather blend…poor choice, very poor choice indeed..


This couch didn’t fit my style at all. I’m not sure there is a style that it does fit, except maybe Zoolander’s Derelict campaign. No matter how much effort I put into organization or room decor, there was always this couch…haunting me. How can I claim to value beauty and design in my home with THIS in the middle of it?! It’s pretty much as un-Pinterest as you can get.

I was so embarrassed! My family got very accustomed to throwing blankets over the couch when we were expecting guests.

I’ve been searching for a solution for this issue for quite some time. We still have all 5 pets – any money spent on new furniture would likely be a waste, at least as long as the cats are still around. So – we are stuck with it.

Here is a list of things I tried to make the couch more visually appealing:

1. Removing the badly scratched corners and covering them with fabric. This worked and actually looked neat! However, the cats scratched these up as well.

2. Buying blankets and throw pillows to cover the couch. The blankets made a huge difference, and this is what we used when we had guests. However, if we left them out, the animals would sleep on them, get hair on them, and the cats would pee on them. Unfortunately, the throw pillows were all peed on and had to be tossed. (We’ve since added another litter box).

3. My latest effort was an aging/sanding technique for leather furniture that I found online. It looked SO promising, but my particular couch material just flaked away. It made the material softer, but didn’t make it any more visually appealing. (It actually looks like a cool project, if you have any real leather furniture: Here and Here)

I should also mention that I do not know how to sew, eliminating options that involve stitchery.

So – what to do? I started researching couch slipcovers. I knew they existed, but I was hesitant. I feared the slipcover would be loose and unattractive. Still, it seemed like the next logical option.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and checked out their stock of furniture slipcovers. I decided on this option from Sure Fit. I liked that it had individual cushion covers for a three cushion couch. It was pricey, but I was desperate and all too hopeful that THIS would finally be the answer to my awful couch issue.

The result? See for yourself.


I was shocked at the final result. I would have never believed it was the same couch! After some stretching and finagling, I was able to achieve a pretty good fit with the slipcover. This particular slipcover is also machine washable. The best part is, it is very comfortable. It feels like laying on a blanket!

I’m typing this post from my new favorite place in the house… the couch! It still attracts animal hair, but I’ve got my lint roller at the ready.

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