1935613_10208886492626590_1990731931584836041_nI’m Ashley Muns, a feminist, a therapist, a wife, mother, sister, avid life enjoyer – along with a vast array of other identity-defining nouns. I began Ephemeral Odyssey as a way to document, explore, and share information and inspiration on this long but fleeting journey of life.

Ephemeral means, “lasting for a short time”. To me, the word evokes powerful imagery, such as a perfectly spherical dandelion pod, moments before a high gust of wind, or a child’s name drawn in the sand on a foaming beach. These things are temporary, but beautiful. In the moments they exist, they can be enjoyed and appreciated. Their brief moment in time does not invalidate their existence, nor does it prevent the creation of memorable experiences.

Our existence on this Earth, in this plane, in this life, is ephemeral.

Yet, however fleeting our existence may be in the grand context of the universe, our life’s journey is also an odyssey. An odyssey is “a long journey full of adventures” or “a series of experiences that give knowledge or understanding”. I could think of no more appropriate definition for my experience of being alive.

So, life, as it turns out, is both short and long. Fleeting – yet also a journey.

It is my sincere hope that this medium will allow me to share my drawings in the sand. While they may be temporary, they are also real, worthy, have a powerful ability to foster memorable experiences.

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